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A Guide to Demolishing your Home and Rebuilding

Many people live in very old buildings and there comes a day when they decide to demolish the old property and build their dream home. This could be due to many reasons; the occupants might really like the area they live in and therefore have no desire to relocate, or they might find it a cheaper option to demolish and rebuild, as opposed to selling up and buying another property. If you are planning to remove your current home and design and build your dream home, here are a few tips to ensure the project is successful.

  1. Demolishing and Ground Preparation – You will need the services of a specialist firm, such as A to Z demolition in Sydney, who are licensed to carry out residential demolition work and have both the equipment and the know-how to get the job done in a timely fashion. All the building waste must be responsibly recycled, which is something the demolition company can organise, as they have associations with the major recycling plants in the region.
  1. Designing the New Property – If you are building a single home, you can avoid the expense of an architect by using a specialist builder who would have their own in-house architect, and they would also deal with the necessary planning permission for the new residence. Take your time with the design and this should help you come up with a plan that best meets your requirements and make sure that you only use the best quality materials, as this will pay dividends in the long run.
  1. Eco-Friendly Solutions – A new build gives you a unique opportunity to use eco-friendly materials that are also very good for insulation, and you simply must consider solar panels, as they would provide you with clean and renewable energy for many years to come. The Australian government realises the importance of switching from fossil fuel based power stations to solar energy, and they will give you a grant to have a state of the art solar energy system installed. Every state has their own program, with some offering interest free loans for solar panels, while others give you a subsidy to be used when buying the panels and the home batteries, which are needed to store the power.
  2. Think Maintenance – Try to choose building materials that are maintenance free, as this will save you both time and money as the years pass, giving you more time to enjoy life rather than having to repaint your home in your free time. Composite materials are light, strong and very durable and with great insulation properties, your energy bills will reflect this.

If you can find a comprehensive builder that has a few awards to their name, you can be sure they know what they are doing, plus they can deal with the local government planning permission, coordinate the project and even landscape the garden when the home is finished. Choosing the right builder is the key to a successful outcome and with a local demolition expert, the land will very quickly be ready for the footings and foundation work to begin.

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