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Best Places to Visit in Your Luxury RV

With the COVID-19 affecting the way many people travel, many families are seeking a safer and more isolated way to travel. That is an RV Travel. It might surprise you, but an RV travel can be just as luxurious as a 5-star hotel stay.

Traveling in a luxury RV gives you a confined space and limits your interaction with people. Aside from avoiding others with illnesses, RV travel is making the news because of the luxurious lifestyle it offers.

Off You Go, But to Where?

Having an RV is one thing, but the biggest question that RV owners ask themselves is: Where should I go? In an RV the possibilities are endless. Luxurious RV resorts offer infinite amenities such as pools, spa, golf courses, community clubhouses, occasional fire meet-ups, and fitness centers. And then you look at the rates these luxury campgrounds offer and quickly have a change of heart (unless you have been saving for a while). So, if the best answer to where is based on your budget and you are looking to take your RV camping experience to the next level, we have collected six places you should be looking forward to:

  1. Sedona, Arizona

Why You Should Go?

Sedona is known for its spiritual tourism and numerous hiking trails along the red rock terrain. It is home to one of the most challenging hiking trails: Devil’s Bridge Trail. Its terrific views impart a sense of uplift and self-exploration in its viewers.

The Best RV Campground Nearby:

From budget-friendly campgrounds to luxurious RV resorts, Sedona has it all. The best place to visit will be Rancho Sedona RV Park. This is because of its magnificent views and hikes. It is perfect for making family memories, so take lots of pictures!

  1. Disney World Resort, Florida

Why You Should Go?

This resort is located in the heart of Disney World and is full of wildlife trails and entertainment. The best thing about it is the convenient access to different theme parks. There are a number of things you could enjoy there with family and kids. The best part is the money you save on hotel rooms is more money to spend on adventures.

The Best RV Campground Nearby:

The campground is situated inside the Disney World. With a bus transportation system, it becomes really easy to reach Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground.

  1. Million Dollar Highway, Colorado

Why You Should Go?

Million Dollar Highway is one of the most scenic drives in the US. The road runs between Silverton and Ouray and gives you the best stretch of road you’ll ever drive. It also provides you with a list of nearby towns as options to stay. 

The Best RV Campground Nearby:

If you don’t want to go too far from the road, the best campground with proper downtown access is Ouray RV Parks & Cabins. It has weeks of nearby activities to partake in so you don’t have to hang out at the campground all day. Park and explore.

  1. Indio, California

Why You Should Go?

Indio is known as “The City of Festivals”. It is Native American culture and relishing art makes it a strong contender for a nice vacation. This place in Southern California raises the bar for luxury RV resorts. So, if you have a Class A RV motorhome waiting for you in the garage, then you can’t think of missing out on this place.

The Best RV Campground Nearby:

Indio houses the country’s most luxurious RV resorts. Out of all the luxury options, Motorcoach Country Club stands out as the #1 rated luxury RV resort in the US. It is worth the financial splurge!

  1. Route 66

Why You Should Go?

If you are interested in a state to state road trip, jam-packed with activities, Route 66 should be your destination highway. From Chicago to Santa Monica, Route 66 has always been an iconic RV destination. Some places to see here include Santa Monica Pier, Cadillac Ranch, and Route 66 Museum. 

The Best RV Campground Nearby:

Route 66 has numerous campgrounds along the way. But if you’re looking for the best campground, consider making a stop at Lake Elk City Park. It’s cheap and gives a retro style to your camp trip.

  1. Foley, Alabama

Why You Should Go?

Foley, Alabama is famous for its world-class attractions, dynamic economic climate, and top sports facilities. If you like adoring nature, then this place gives you everything you want. Its railroad museum and Gulf Shores are one of the many places to see.

The Best RV Campground Nearby:

When in Foley, the best place to visit in your luxury RV will undoubtedly be the Bella Terra of Gulf Shores. It is rated as one of the best RV resorts by USA Today, and houses all the attractions an RV owner would fall for.

Planning an RV trip is always difficult because there are endless destinations – yep, the road is yours for the taking! But it is important to consider your safety and your finances. That is why you will have to consider all the ins and outs of the places you visit. We have assisted you by diving deep into the best RV destinations America has to offer. So, if you were putting an RV trip on hold for too long; now’s the time! Pack your bags, get the RV serviced and head on for an adventure of a lifetime.

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