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Capturing a Country Cool Aesthetic

When it comes to interior design, there are certain styles that really stand out from the crowd. Over the past few years, a country cool aesthetic has become more and more popular with light colours and iconic country style features bringing a warm and welcoming feel to the home. Here’s how you can achieve that classic farmhouse aesthetic with a fresh modern vibe.

Kitchen Accents

For a classic country aesthetic many people start in the kitchen and work their way through to the rest of the home. The kitchen is seen today as the heart of the home, providing a space for entertainment, quality family time and social activity, with constant use making it feel warm and comfortable. For a country cool kitchen, you want to consider key features such as a traditional Aga, chic lighting fixtures like these from Buster & Punch and relaxed leather seating to add that touch of comfort to the space. By complimenting these features with a classic colour palette of creams, browns and whites you can really enhance that country cool vibe and create a stunning kitchen style.

Living Room Comforts

Moving on to the living areas brings lots of comfortable fabrics and vibrant colours. Picture a subtle colour scheme of creams and taupes brought to life with a splash of colour through the chairs, curtains and decorative touches. Working with a simplistic colour scheme makes way for plenty of colour introduced through soft furnishings, such as a bright yellow sofa, olive green curtains or even artwork in a multitude of colours to really make the space pop. Keeping comfort at the heart of the living room will ensure it’s a space that can be enjoyed and utilised, so why not introduce a classic armchair in a delicate tweed with some bright accent cushions like these from John Lewis to combine the country style with the cool contrast beautifully.

Bathroom Combinations

Incorporating a mixture of materials within the bathroom can really help to achieve that country cool aesthetic. Focusing mainly on classic bathroom features in a fresh white porcelain or marble finish, complimented beautifully with some rustic wood accessories to really enhance the overall feel. You can then complete the room with delicate touches from soft linen to fresh flowers to bring a fresh lease of life to the room.

Master Bedroom Décor

Having a country cool aesthetic within the master bedroom opens you up to a world of decorative features and designs. From French antiques to abstract artwork, you can find your preferred style and incorporate that into your existing décor, giving it that personal touch. Whether you’re working with classic wooden beams or you have wooden detailing from the bed to other furniture pieces, having these traditional features will help to bring out that country aesthetic, which can then be added to with eye-catching modern finishes.

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