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Choosing a real estate attorney in Monroe: Things to know!

Think of the people who are typically involved in a real estate transaction – brokers, agents, mortgage brokers, inspectors, seller’s attorneys, and appraisers. As a buyer, it is completely okay to feel overwhelmed. Instead of trying to understand real estate laws, consider hiring a reliable attorney for your home purchase. North Carolina is among the states that require a real estate attorney to be present at the time of closing, but the right lawyer is as important. Finding a real estate attorney in Monroe NC doesn’t have to be hard, thanks to Google. In this post, we are sharing more on how to select one. 

‘Do I really need a real estate attorney?’

Many buyers want to know if they really need a real estate attorney. Like we mentioned, having an attorney to supervise the closing is a must in NC, so you have to hire one anyway. However, the role of an attorney is often understated. They do more than just fulfilling the basic legal requirement. Your attorney will review the title of the property, so that everything is transparent. They will also help you understand the mortgage terms, negotiate with the seller with the terms of the contract, and review all the paperwork and documentation involved. They will also guide you on your rights as a buyer. 

Finding an attorney. 

  1. Ask around. If you can talk to neighbors, friends, or colleagues, who have worked with real estate attorneys in Monroe in the past, references could be handy. Or else, check online for a list of top-rated attorneys near you. 
  2. Meet your attorney. When you find a real estate attorney, insist on meeting them in person, so that you can understand their experience better. Make sure that they have a clear understanding of NC real estate laws and requirements for closing a deal. 
  3. Ask what they would do. Ask the attorney if they would handle all the relevant aspects related to the transaction. For instance, will they draft and review all documents? Will they check for title-related documents and do a search to ensure that the title is clear? These are some of the questions that are worth knowing. 

Finally, do check if the real estate attorney is available. As for the pricing, most attorneys have a flat rate, but some may charge by the hour, depending on the work they do for you. Check online and shortlist a few attorneys now!

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