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Christmas Tree Ideas You Will Love

Having a cozy, festive home in which to celebrate the holiday season with your friends and family is a goal of many. Nothing screams ‘holidays’ quite like the festive cheer of a well turned out Holiday Tree. Traditionally, these are Christmas trees, but they have become so ubiquitous with the time of year that they have lost much cultural significance. However, one thing these Christmas trees have not lost is style. In this post, we will discover some of the most glamorous, holly-jolly Christmas trees that will inspire your own Christmas tree decorating ideas.

Inspired by Ikea

One thing that we all know about the Scandinavian sensibility is how well they incorporate minimalism into interior design. Echo this simplicity by having a fairly sparse looking tree. Choose only the ornaments that you really love, and hang them in the best way to be admired. This will add a Scandinavian touch to your holiday festivities without overpowering the other elements in the room. Try adding just a garland, or just some simple balls to a tree, but not both together. This is the bare, spartan look that you are going for.

Bring the Outdoors In

While the traditional color palette for the holiday season is shades of red and green, you can make your celebrations look a little more modern and sophisticated by sticking to neutral colors. These same colors are often seen out in nature, say for example if you go camping, so try making your own decorations from branches, pine cones, and little bits of flora that you find out in the wilderness. Try to get a more cohesive look going by matching the wrapping paper to the furnishings that you choose, and use rough textures like burlap or sackcloth to further cut down on the cluttered feeling of Christmas.

Stick to One Dominant Color

Choosing just one color to decorate within your home does not mean that all other colors do not have a place. Rather, you will be using one color as a main color, with the other hues and shades to give it a bit of support. Choosing a monochromatic palette to play with is one of the best ways to make your home look a whole lot more modern, and if you go with an unexpected color, like magenta or teal it has a fun aspect that the holiday season is all about.

Add Some Bling

Christmas is all about eye-catching decorations and fun sparkle. From twinkling christmas lights to light reflecting off of tinsel, a little glitter can really get you in the holiday mood. While gold and silver are time honored and texted shades that have never failed to lift a room, you might want to inject your decorations with a little bit of creativity and try brass, copper, or shades of rose gold. Use these colors in the ornaments for your tree, as well as little decorations around the tree and around the house.

Go With a Tree That Is Not a Tree

If you want to celebrate the holidays in a way that is all your own, unique and quirky and perfect for you, why not forgo a tree altogether? Made popular when the ‘mod’ scene was a big deal, abstract trees made from hanging shapes are just weird enough to make your dreams come true. Admittedly, this look is not for everyone, but if it is for you, I’m sure you can customize it until it is perfect.

Break It Up

If you are like many people, you probably have a collection of Christmas decorations that is just a riotous expression of color. This idea allows you to use all of them, but separate them by color. They can be carefully delineated by their color family, or artfully arranged to form an ombre pattern in your home. Use a rainbow hued garland on the tree in order to echo all of the colors in the room. You might be afraid that this will look like you just upended a child’s toy chest, but when skillfully arranged, a lot of different colors can make one statement.

Go Light To Dark

For too long, the expected color palette of the holiday season was deep, rich colors that do not vary in intensity. Now, however, the ombre look is popping up just about everywhere. Not only are these fun trees available, but you can echo their look with varying shades of the same color in your decorations. Try ombre colored decorations to really catch the eye and make your guests feel enchanted. Stepping into an ombre themed room is at once a whimsical and magical experience that few will be likely to forget soom.

Getting your Christmas tree together, and making the room in which you place it look like an inviting, comfortable place for entertaining is no small task. Consider matching the wrapping paper to your decorations to provide a cohesion your guests will appreciate.

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