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Does A 2 Stage Furnace Really Save Money?

Are you contemplating a new furnace purchase for your home? If yes, then there is something that might interest you. Many people are investing in two-stage furnaces as they are more cost effective in the long run. However, their initial cost will be more expensive when compared to one-stage furnaces. Because heating solutions vary across all homes, it is important that we know what makes two-stage furnace different from a one-stage furnace. This knowledge will be helpful when deciding which is best for your unique needs. Avoid the need for furnace repair in Medfield by choosing a quality furnace and reliable service company.

What is  the difference between a one-stage and a two-stage furnace?

When we compare one-stage and two-stage furnaces, the difference refers to the burner section, which includes the valve that releases natural gas or propane to the burner. In one-stage furnaces, there are two valve settings, open or closed. But in two-stage furnaces, there is one additional valve setting that provides a partially open setting as well as fully open and closed.

The furnace starts operating in the first stage and it is commonly known as low fire. In this stage the furnace works at almost 70% to 80% of full rated capacity.

After this, the furnace makes its entry into the second stage, which is also called high fire. The furnace will enter this stage only when it is needed. Whether the furnace will enter second stage will be determined by the duration the furnace has been operating. The entry into second stage might also be needed if the thermostat identifies that the temperature has to be increased by more than two degrees.

If you have a two-stage furnace with a rating of 80,000 BTUs, the furnace will begin operating at about 60,000 BTUs instead of its full capacity. After working for almost 10-15 minutes, the heating system will determine if heating needs are being fulfilled. If not, the system will kick into higher gear so that appropriate heating takes place.

Is investment in a two-stage furnace worth the money?

The upfront cost of purchasing a two-stage furnace is definitely more than that of a one-stage furnace. However two-stage furnaces provide money-saving benefits and advantages over their time. When compared to one-stage furnace, the efficiency of a two-stage furnace is significantly higher. This is because in the two-stage furnaces, less fuel is used in the heat exchanger when the home needs only a slight adjustment. The energy consumption would be about 70% of what a single stage furnace would use. In a one-stage furnace, burner operates in fully open position, burning more fuel than a two-stage furnace..

Additionally, two-stage furnaces reduce  temperature swings in the home. Temperature control will be more precise, resulting in greater comfort. Finally, these advantages lead to less fuel consumed by two-stage furnaces, reducing energy bills.

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