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Paying Guest Accommodation – An ideal place to live

Many youngsters move to a new city for better education or to join a new job. Mumbai and Bangalore are the main attractive places for job opportunities. Bangalore is a place for higher studies as well and many students also move to Bangalore for higher studies. Many colleges and universities are providing many courses for the students. While they first move out of their home, many things would be challenging for them in life. The first thing that any person would worry about while they move to a new place is a place to stay. Let’s say that you are shifting to a new place. How would you come across this stress to get a new and safe place to stay? What are the things that you need to plan and think before you find out a new place? Well, Bangalore has a lot of PG in Marathahalli and the same in Pune city. There are many PG in Mumbai as well, so that those looking to shift to one of these places, you can think of choosing a paying guest accommodation to suit your requirement.

Well, there are a lot of differences between staying in a rented house or a hostel and paying guest accommodation. Each has its pros and cons but based on your feasibility, you can choose one for your stay. While for those who are unmarried and just moved into big cities like Mumbai and Bangalore, it is ideal that you go in for paying guest accommodation. Because, the cost that you spend at the initial stage for paying guest accommodation is less as you spend for a rented house. Paying guest does not require you to spend a big amount to set up a home. You just need to take your luggage and shift into the paying guest room.

Bangalore and Mumbai are not strangers to migration where many young people head towards these cities to pursue their dreams. Being cosmopolitan cities of India, these cities would see more people moving in. As such getting a rented flat is quite a tough task. These two cities have a lot of space, but when you land in these cities, you would know the absolute lack of real estate and the crowded place.

Here are few things that you should be aware of about a PG in Marathahalli and PG in Mumbai.

  • Paperwork – This is a straightforwardstep that is done by any place when you shift. Be clear with the paperwork and identification when you shift to cities like Bangalore and Mumbai. It is, in fact, essential that you have an identification with your permanent residence before a landlord provide you with the accommodation. So, while you shift to paying guest accommodation, you need to keep the relevant papers ready and prepare yourself with it.
  • Deposit – You might get a shock while you discuss the deposit that you should pay to your landlords. Whether you are looking for a PG in Mumbai or for a PG in Marathahalli a security deposit is essential. It is generally a six months’ rent that you need to pay as a security deposit. Also, you need to be well-aware of the terms and conditions while you pay the security deposit. Like when you would be getting it back while your term is over in the paying guest accommodation. This amount would be refunded to you once you vacate from there and in case the landlord finds any damage in your room, there would be the deductions.
  • Location – The main point you should think while you plan to shift to a paying guest accommodation is to understand the location of it. You need to check whether it is situated near your workplace or the institution in case you have moved for your higher studies. This is a very important point because the travel time would be less, and you could have more time for other things.
  • Landlord Rules – Many of you come out of your home to start a new career in a new city. So, naturally, your lifestyle would vary slightly and might differ from that of your landlords. So, most of the PG in Marathahalli and PG in Mumbai would lay some ground rules for you. So be clear with the rules and you need to adhere to it when you move in.


This would provide you with a comprehensive and many other factors that you need to take care of while you move to a new city and search for paying guest accommodation in cities.

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