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Redoing Your Kitchen? Here’s What to Consider When Choosing Kitchen Cabinets

What would any kitchen look like without its cabinets? Bare, empty, lack-luster, and devoid of any character. Of course, open shelving is all-the-rage, but kitchen cabinets are necessary, whether it’s for aesthetic or functional purposes.

Your kitchen cabinetry says a lot about your kitchen and your personal style — it has a way of tying the entire room together. In other words, the cabinets you choose can make or break the overall aesthetic of your kitchen.

With this in mind, choosing the right kitchen cabinets can feel like a lot of pressure, especially with so many style options and materials to choose from today. Let this blog help you…

4 Crucial Characteristics to Consider When Choosing Kitchen Cabinets

Before you commit to a certain cabinetry style, you should consider whether painting kitchen cabinets is enough of an overhaul. If you’re on a tight budget, sometimes a lick of paint is all you need for a cabinet transformation.

If paint just won’t do the trick and you need a full replacement job, here’s how to make your pick:

  1. Consider Cabinet Door Style

There are three main door styles to consider: the shaker, flat, or inset door. This is probably the most important aspect of your cabinetry to consider because it’s the defining characteristic.

If you’re considering pre-assembled cabinets, they are usually fitted with shaker-style doors. But if you’re having your cabinets custom-made, there’s also the flip-up door option, pocket doors, and corner drawers for added kitchen functionality.

Shaker and inset door styles tend to suit traditional, country-inspired kitchens. While flat, flip-up, and pocket doors are ideal for the sleek, modern kitchen.

  1. Prioritize Cabinetry Hardware

Your cabinetry hardware is the jewelry of your kitchen. It adds a touch of glamor, sophistication, or edge to the overall aesthetic.

For white kitchen cabinets, opt for hardware that contrasts this stark color, such as muted gold, brass, black or dark gray. For gray kitchen cabinets, you may want to stick with something a little more complimentary, such as silver.

Don’t be afraid to add in a pop of color with your metal hardware to add character to your kitchen.

  1. Cabinetry Color and Finish

Another important element when choosing cabinetry is the color and finish. These two elements are a great way to add flair, elegance, or character to your kitchen. While most people opt for white or gray cabinetry because it’s neutral and ”safe”, don’t be afraid to play with color.

Mix up your cabinetry with contrasting colors, which has made a major comeback in recent years. Go for a more neutral color on your bottom cabinets, complemented with a pop of color in your top cabinets, or vice-versa.

Or you could also contrast a single bright color with neutral hardware and other cabinetry finishes. If you’re concerned about the wear and tear of your cabinets, opting for a distressed finished can keep your cabinets looking new, even if they’re not!

  1. Cabinetry Molding

If you’re looking for a more custom, detailed look, a good way to achieve this is to add molding to your cabinets. Crown molding and edge molding are both affordable and simple to add and can really make an impact.

You could also add decorative cabinet supports, corbels, toe kicks, and aprons for a more intricate style and great visual impact.

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Kitchen cabinets are probably one of the most significant investments you’ll make in the overall value of your kitchen. Aside from your countertops and appliances, you want to make the right investment for brilliant home resale value.

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