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The Best Wedge Pillow for a Comfy Sleep

Wedge pillows are different from normal pillows in that they’re usually meant to address certain health issues on top of comfort. People use them for a wide variety of reasons, and they’re gaining traction as popular choices. They’ve picked up a well-deserved reputation as excellent supports for certain nocturnal health issues. But which ones are the absolute best to use? Here are the top 5 picks for the best wedge pillow. 

  1. Memory Foam

For those who like comfort and movement at the same time, this is the pillow for you. Adding to the naturally inclined comfort of a wedge pillow, a memory foam pillow will perfectly cradle your head and envelop you in supportive comfort in a natural position. This is in addition to the health benefits of wedge pillows. So you can sleep in flexible comforting peace, all while knowing that your sleep will remain uninterrupted the whole night through.

  1. Latex

So you want a wedge pillow, but you have trouble with allergens? Then get the latex variety. And if you’re searching for the best reading pillow, this goes well with. This version is free of allergies and dust mites and provides superior comfort. Wedge pillows are known for helping to ease the symptoms of sleep apnea and acid reflux, making them the go-to choice for people suffering from nighttime discomfort. Add hypoallergenic and breathable flexibility to the pillow and you might very well have the perfect choice.

  1. Shredded Memory Foam

In a normal memory foam pillow, the foam stays in one static shape. With a shredded memory foam pillow, just like the name implies, the foam has been torn to pieces and packed as-is into the lining. The pillow becomes looser and airier, which makes for better airflow. This also allows for better flexibility that normal memory foam isn’t going to have.

  1. Polyester

On a budget? If you’re tight on money, but still looking for a good wedge pillow, then the polyester types are your best and most comfortable bet. If you’re in need of a wedge pillow either for any of the mentioned health problems, snoring, or in simple seeking of better and more comfortable pillows, you can count on this type. It provides exactly what you want for half the price. The best wedge pillows don’t have to cost a mint.

  1. Gel

Gel is an amazing hybrid of sorts when it comes to pillow materials. Not only does it provide natural conforming comfort like memory foam, but it also cools and aerates through the night. This means you will never get too warm laying on it. It also has great natural support for the neck and spine, making it a truly prime choice for any serious pillow hunter. For the best wedge pillow, consider this one highly.


A good wedge pillow can make a world of difference to the comfort of a troubled sleeper. They’re not hard to find and their prices vary. When seeking comfort, don’t sell yourself short. Get precisely what you need to sleep well – whether it’s the best reading pillow or wedge pillow.

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