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Tips to Consider Before Buying a Lubricant

Lubricants are used to add pleasure to sexual activities. They mainly ensure there is minimal contact between your skin and the other person I contact with you. Lubes are a great addition to your sex life, and no shame should come along with using it. It is advisable to use vaginal lubricants, especially if you have a hard time experiencing arousal. Using the correct oils will reduce the chances of having vaginal tears and unease, which lowers your chances of contracting STI’s. Lubes can also be used when using condoms to ensure they do not break off. Below, we have a look at the different types of lubricants available and how they are of advantage you’re your health. You can find more tips at prezervatyvai

  1. Water-based lubes

They are among the best lubricants to use, especially when condoms are in use. It is also the safest lube to use as a beginner. They are also mainly used when you are at risk of contracting yeast infections. They, however, have a little disadvantage are they are not moist suitable to shower sex because they will be washed off. They also get sticky, and they require you to re-apply them often.

  1. Silicone-based lubes

They are slippery, more lasting, and most recommended for lengthy sessions. They are best for shower sex because they wash away slowly. You will, however, require a lot of water and detergent to clean after using it. It would be advisable to avoid using them with other silicone sex toys because it will lead to breaking down the rubber. There are, however, other toys that work perfectly with this lubricant. An example of a condom brand that is compatible with these oils is the Durex condoms.

  1. Oil lubes

These lubricants give you a slippery feeling that stays for an extended time than the water lubes. They are mostly used for unprotected sex and shower sex. They are also used in massages. It would be best for you to avoid using them with latex condoms because they will make the latex of the condom to break. It would help if you also stored them away from oil lubricants. Its primary disadvantage is that they are hard to get rid of, from your sheets.

  1. Natural lubes

Natural oils are not the only ones you can find in the market. Companies have manufactured organic lubes that mainly consist of botanicals and other components that are friendly to the environment. Most of them are healthy because they do not have paraben, a preservative that will expose you to a health risk. They are, however, more expensive than other lubricants.

What to consider when buying a lubricant

Not all vaginal lube has the same abilities. Some work more efficiently than others, depending on your preference. If you are exposed to yeast infections, avoid lubes with glycerin because it will eliminate essential bacteria that present you to an infection.

Avoid oil lubes whenever you are using condoms. They will destroy the condom quickly. If you want to try shower-sex, remember silicone oils will have maximum effect.


With the above tips well elaborated, you will easily choose the correct lubricant to use when having sex correctly.

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