If you’ve been looking for a solution for melisma, sunspot, acne scars or removing a tattoo, then you should look into Pisco Laser Toronto. It is a state of the art, next-generation laser device which targets the unwanted pigmentation. For those who are looking to remove a tattoo, it is a perfect option as it removes tattoos fast without having any side effects which were prevalent in previous technologies.

How can pico laser help?

Pico Laser is a technology which is used to disintegrate and remove unwanted pigmentation without causing any skin damage. It is also used to lighten sun spots and age spots, reduce melisma, lighten moles, freckles and pigmented lesions, even the skin tone, lighten the acne scars, remove the tattoos and treat your face, neck and almost every part of your body. Pico stands for one trillionth of a unit. During the pico laser treatment lightning, fast energy pulses are sent in one trillionth of a second.

What makes pico laser one of the best technologies?

Picosecond treatment is a better option than heat for breaking the pigments. Het energy is made use of by traditional lasers to target pigments which are present under the skin. Classic methods which make use of thermal energy sometimes damage the skin. However, in short-pulse pico technology, there is no worry of excess heat. It photo-acoustically breaks the pigmentation without any heat.

A lot of times it is recommended to use chemicals and topical medications to help lighten the melisma, acne scars and sunspots. However, these treatments take about a month to achieve the wanted results and may even cause certain side effects. Sometimes tattoos and pigmentations don’t respond to all the chemicals which are applied to it. Chemical peels or dermabrasion are helpful but they remove layers of skin and have a lengthy recovery period. Whereas, on the other hand, pico lasers results are convenient and don’t require topical medication or abrasion.

Pico laser is increasingly becoming a popular option as it requires less time for application. Each session lasts for about 10 minutes. The pain which is related to most laser treatment isn’t a problem for Pico. The cooling system which comes attached helps to minimize the discomfort. The procedure has been described as tingly and very tolerable by patients.

What makes it different from the rest of the technologies?

Pico laser technique has been made by combining about 14 laser modalities and 4 wavelengths. It can manage a very diverse range of skin tones and pigmentations and works well on all and safely treats the skins. The settings of the laser treatment can be customized to reach the melanin which is exclusively present beneath the surface of the skin. The laser beam ensures that the energy is evenly distributed and targets the problem areas.

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