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Brilliant Homemade Birthday Gift Ideas

In a world where everything seems digitized and disconnected, a custom homemade gift is a gem. In a sea of social media Happy Birthdays, you can make the day of the people you care most about. There’s someone you want to impress. A boss, a love interest? unique photo gift shopping is the way to go.

Face Stickers

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of a custom unique photo gift is a special image. Maybe it’s their favorite one or an image you took together. Either way, it’s grand. You can create and purchase your gift image in so many forms.

One of the most interesting is the custom face sticker! Yes you, your pet or friends and family can immortalize themselves in a face sticker.

Baby Feet and Faces

Babies are some of the funnest little people to shop for. What parent doesn’t want a memory of those junior years—they grow so fast! Non-toxic plaster and your favorite images of a baby can be the best gift to mom and dad on the child’s birthday! You can give them the baby footprint kit and let them do it themselves. The parent will enjoy the process!

Couples Poster

Do you know a fabulous couple? If they live together or married, then try a framed poster of their names and what they love and like to do in life! That’s a great living room conversation piece.

Newspaper Generator

If you know the person’s sense of humor, you could download a Newspaper Generator. This will be a hit for years to come! Make sure you have a few images of the person emoting two unique expressions for the best result. Even with one pleasant image, create a unique headline and story behind the photo. This is the best conversation piece so far.

Para Cords and Personal Journals

If you’re creative and crafty, you can buy a paracord kit and hand craft a paracord bracelet. They come plain in brilliant or muted colors and with or without a saying on the metal front panel. Do they love to journal? Create a personalized journal. You can do this out of a variety of materials including recycled. You can repurpose any journal you find and bling it up any way you like according to the person’s taste.

Personalized Photo Rubik’s Cube

Are they a puzzle? An enigma to solve? Then, what better way to express your appreciation for their uniqueness than to immortalize them in a Rubik’s Cube? And if they love retro gifts, this 80s throwback in a personalized form just for them is a gem. They’ll be busy for hours trying to put their face back in place!

Magic Reveal Pillow

Under a coating of sexy spangle, place a favorite photo. Swipe the spangle cover with your hand and expose the image. Great for anyone, and especially for couples.

Personalized Calenders

Believe it or not, people still use Calenders. Do you have a seasonal memory for each month? Playing in the snow? Visiting a local pumpkin patch with other Halloween memories? Graduation photos? Spring break? Vacation? Honeymoon and first year married? A personalized photo image calendar may be the gift to give.

Whatever the occasion, whether it be a birthday or a keepsake, photo and homemade gifts are a charm. Homemade gifts can come in a variety of kits that are easy to assemble. You don’t have to be an artist to craft a meaningful gift for someone. They’ll treasure it forever. It will be something they mention to you and others as a conversation piece. The best part about homemade and unique photo gifts are the variety of items you can give. There’s bound to be something to suite all tastes; even those who have everything.

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