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Step by Step Guidance on How to Set WP Simple Author Box Plugin

Writing creative and interesting blogs is essential, but you will need something more to brand yourself. You have already introduced an ‘About Me’ page, which is not sufficient for your blog that covers different authors, topics, and post formats.

You need to add an author box to every post, which helps readers know the writer of an interesting blog post. It helps to increase blog credibility and offers an easy way for readers to connect with the author.

WP author box is inbuilt in the majority of WordPress templates, but many WP themes available on the internet are not compatible with the default author box. Fortunately, you can try WP plugins and add an author box to your WP blog or site. WP author box plugins are available in free as well as paid versions.

How to set an elegant author box on your WP blog or website?

Simple Author Box plugin is highly rated because it adds some remarkable responsive author box including social links. First, let’s get to know the interesting aspects of the WP Simple Author Box plugin.

  • Intuitive interface
  • Simple & elegant
  • Multiple social profile links
  • Displayed in pages as well as posts
  • Multiple design options
  • Responsive

Steps to set WP Simple Author Box plugin

Step1 – Install & activate

  • WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New
  • Search for ‘Simple Author Box’ and click on ‘Install Now’ button
  • ‘Activate’ the plugin

Step2 – Configuration

After activating the plugin go back to the – Dashboard > Setting > Simple Author Box. On this page, you will see four setting options like –

  • General options – Several options on how to display the author box like on pages or posts will be shown. It even includes Author Avatar styling, Author’s website, and Social icons visibility, Social icons styling, etc.
  • Color options – You can customize colors for names or links as well as shapes and background color for social icons. Even a bordering for the author’s box can be chosen.
  • Typography options – You can control the look and size of the text to be used for writing inside the writer box.
  • Miscellaneous options – You can enable or disable Loading Inline Style and Font Awesome Stylesheet.

Step3 – Edit user’s profile

Authors bio details need to be updated and changes stored in the User Settings.

  • Dashboard > Users > Your Profile
  • In the Name section fill in the fields and choose how you desire to display name.
  • Just below you will see the Contact Info section. Fill in your email address, social profile links, and your website links as asked. If you don’t desire to display Author Box in pages or posts then leave the space blank.
  • In the About Yourself segment, you will see Profile Picture and Biographical Info. Add your photo and details in this section.

Step4 – Verify the adding of author box and settings

After the final configuration, visit the blog post to verify that the Simple Author Box is displayed according to the settings made in the plugin.

Besides Simple Author Box plugin, the WP community has also designed a coming soon page for WordPress plugin. WP developers and site admins must give both a try!

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