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What’s the Difference between Janitorial Service and Cleaning Service?

Commercial cleaning and janitorial service are terms used interchangeably. While they don’t mean the same thing, there is no much of a difference between them. The two involve cleaning work at a fee.

But before you hire janitorial services Montreal experts or commercial cleaning services, you must understand the differences between them. Knowing how each of them works will help you determine what will work well for your business.

This article outlines the main differences between the two.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Cleaning services focus on bigger jobs. Companies hire commercial cleaning when they schedule deep cleaning. Most of the time, they’re one-time job done a few times a year, monthly, or once a week. The cleaning involves tile cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, furniture cleaning, etc.

Because commercial cleaning services are full-detailed, they need scheduling. You need to hire a firm for your cleaning needs and give them a set time for the work. They can do the cleaning once per week, monthly, or at different times in a year. As long as you specify the type of cleaning you need and the time, the company will take care of the rest. Your offices don’t need deep cleaning every other day; hence a few appointments will work well.

Before hiring a commercial cleaner, take the time to understand the cleaning tasks you need. Understand the methods they use and come up with a proper schedule.

You can’t carry out some cleaning methods with people around you. Make sure you organize your entire staff on time. You can consider doing the deep cleaning on a weekend or holiday to avoid inconveniences.

Ask them if they can deliver tasks to your expectations because larger jobs call for a bigger satisfaction guarantee.

Janitorial Cleaning

Janitorial cleaning involves the daily cleaning needs of the company. The janitors work every day to ensure day to day cleaning of your office premises. Everyday cleaning duties of a janitor involve restroom cleaning, sweeping and mopping floors, emptying dustbins, dusting surfaces, etc.

Janitors ensure your office is always clean and ready to receive visitors. You’re responsible for organizing the cleaning services and ensuring they clean to your satisfaction.

The janitors are trained to use cleaning products and equipment. They’re flexible and adapt well to your cleaning needs. Take your time to find good janitorial services Montreal experts to help keep your office clean.

Which One Should You Go For?

For the daily cleaning needs of business premises, you need janitorial services. Go for commercial cleaning services if you need deep cleaning, which involves upholstery and power cleaning. You can also work with commercial cleaning companies that provide both cleaning needs.

Whether you choose a commercial cleaning company or hire janitorial services, make sure you put your business needs first. Determine the quality standards you want the cleaners to meet.

Find out their experience, satisfaction guarantee, and prices before hiring. Schedule your office cleaning services on time to avoid disappointments when your cleaners don’t show up.

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